New iPad/book/app makes U.S. Presidential election history come alive with true stories, remarkable data, and surprises

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For Immediate Release
Media download link available upon request for product testing. High-resolution screenshots available upon request. Additional information and questions answered upon request. Developer Marc Schulman is available for interviews.
Contact:   Marc Schulman or hit reply to this email message. 914-235-4340
New iPad/book/app makes U.S. Presidential election history come alive with true stories, remarkable data, and surprises
Historian Marc Schulman has just released a new suite of products on American Presidential Elections: From George Washington to Barack Obama – a comprehensive reference on American elections.
Campaign 2012 Is underway, but the day to day coverage of the campaigns fails to give any historical context to the actions of the candidates and their campaigns. 
Were the negative ads used by Mitt Romney really to defeat his rivals any worse then when supporters of John Adams claimed that the election of Jefferson would cause the teaching of murder, robbery, rape, adultery and incest?
Do Catholics vote as a bloc?
Why do Jews who are among the wealthiest voters continue to vote as if they were poor immigrants.  
Did you know that in 1808, John Quincy Adams, who later became the 6th President of the United States, left the Federalist Party and joined a party called the Democratic-Republicans? 
Answers to these and many other questions are provided in these new products, which seek to place today’s campaigns in their proper historic perspective.
There’s an app for each of the iPhone, iPad application and an iBook.  The dazzling mutil-media experience is reserved for those who choose the iPad versions, as it provides features that no regular book or eBook can do.  It uses rich multimedia including over 500 photos and 20 videos to bring the elections of the past alive in ways that have never been done in the past. 
One can see high quality photos of campaign posters, buttons and other election paraphernalia from the first part of the 19th century; Hundreds of photos of election campaigning are included of later elections. 
Most remarkable are the inclusion of video ads from all the campaigns since Johnson vs. Goldwater.    Users can watch for themselves some of the most famous ads in Presidential Election history including the Democratic ad run once in 1964 showing a little girl and flowers followed by the an atomic bomb going off of the infamous Willie Horton ad used to defeat Governor Dukakis. 
Schulman spent hundreds of hours researching the Library of Congress and the National Archives to bring forth a wealth of new and old information. 
A History of American Presidential Elections:
From George Washington to Barack Obama
American Presidential Elections is also the first project to be released both as custom application and as an iBook making full use of Apple’s new platform. 
Schulman stated “both methods have their pluses and minuses.  The iBook Author allows us to produce a book that has stunning graphics and is interactive, while it stills maintains the feel of a book.  The App on the other hand has a completely different non-chronological interface, and it allows enter the program anywhere.  A user can also share content by Email or print any picture or text, which is something you cannot do in a book.”
Presidential Elections opens with a section explaining how elections take place, why people vote and other issues in elections.  Questions such as why certain different religious groups vote for Republicans or Democrats are explored, including a novel theory on Jewish voting.  It then has chapters on every election in American history.
Residential Elections is available for sale through with the App on the iTunes store and the iBook on the Apple’s iBook Store. . You can also buy it from the publisher.
All electronic editions are $4.99 Paperback edition is 14.99 from Amazon book or directly from the publisher.
For more information visit, call 914-318-2527 or email
About the Creator
In the past 4 years Marc Schulman has overseen the development of 54 iPhone/iPad  applications.  Having been an Apple Developer since 1983 Marc was an early developer of iPhone Applications releasing the first in October 2008.  Multieducator which Marc is the CEO of released the its first iPad only application on the launch day of the iPad.  Marc authored 20 CD Rooms on American and World History.  Last year he authored a JFK a Fifty year Perspective, both as a book and iPad App. . He is the primary editor of the largest history web site. Marc Schulman has taught history to a very wide range of schools from Middle School to Colleges. He holds a BA and MA from Columbia University. Marc Schulman lives in Mamaroneck New York with his wife and children.
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