Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ key points from his UN Speech

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Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ key points from his UN Speech
By Ray Hanania

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas addressed the United Nations this week, once again spelling our the dire circumstances of peace and how Israel continues to oppose peace, undermine peace and engage in violence that on an international level equate to war crimes against a civilian population.

In response, Israel’s rightwing fanatic Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, continued to lie to the world and to portray his nation as the victim of hatred, when in fact Israel’s government is one of the most threatening and dangerous governments to the rights of free speech and civilian life in the entire Middle East.

The Palestinian National Authority, like many Arab and Muslim governments, are battered and attacked by the pro-Israel Western media, a mainstream media that is held hostage by intimidation and bias to distort the real facts in the Middle East to protect Israel. Many of the reporters writing for the Western media are either Israeli or are religious partisans who cannot criticize Israel’s government actions and policies. In contracts, the same media does everything it can to prevent Arabs and Muslims from working as journalists and reporters, starting with anti-Arab and anti-Muslim policies of organizations like the Society of Professional Journalists.

Sadly, Americans can’t get the truth about the Middle East because the mainstream American media, like the Western media, is incapable of reporting the truth or is intentionally distorting the truth to promote Israel and to demonize the Arabs and the Muslim World.

That bias is undermining peace but in the long run only jeopardizes, not secures, Israel future and existence. As long as this continues, the likelihood of Israel being replaced by a true Democracy where everyone is treated equally on the basis of being human beings rather than on a racist policy of religious identity is greater.

Here are President Abbas’ mainpoints from his speech:

Key Points from Palestine President Mahmoud Abbas’ poorly publicized speech to the UN (the Arabs and Muslims have no idea how to exploit or influence the media):

1 – During the past months, attacks by terrorist militias of Israeli settlers have become a daily reality, with at least 535 attacks perpetrated since the beginning of this year. We are facing relentless waves of attacks against our people, our mosques, churches and monasteries, and our homes and schools; they are unleashing their venom against our trees, fields, crops and properties, and our people have become fixed targets for acts of killing and abuse with the complete collusion of the occupying forces and the Israeli Government.

2 – Over the past year, since the convening of the General Assembly’s previous session, Israel, the occupying Power, has persisted with its settlement campaign, focusing on Jerusalem and its environs. It is a campaign clearly and deliberately aimed at altering the City’s historic character and the glorious image of the Holy City etched in the minds of humankind. It is a campaign of ethnic cleansing against the Palestinian people via the demolition of their homes and prevention of their construction; the revocation of residency rights; the denial of basic services, especially with regard to construction of school; the closure of institutions; and the impoverishment of Jerusalem’s community via a siege of walls and checkpoints that are choking the City and preventing millions of Palestinians from freely accessing its mosques, churches, schools, hospitals and markets.

3 – The occupying Power has also continued its construction and expansion of settlements in different areas throughout the West Bank and continued its suffocating blockade as well as raids and attacks against our people in the Gaza Strip, who to this day continue to suffer from the disastrous impact of the destructive war of aggression committed against them years ago. Nearly five thousand Palestinians also remain captive as prisoners and detainees in Israel’s jails.

4 – In fact, over the past 12 months, the Israeli occupying forces demolished 510 Palestinian structures in these areas and displaced 770 Palestinians from their homes.

5 – There can only be one understanding of the Israeli Government’s actions in our homeland and of the positions it has presented to us regarding the substance of a permanent status agreement to end the conflict and achieve peace. That one understanding leads to one conclusion: that the Israeli Government rejects the two-State solution.
The two-State solution, i.e. the State of Palestine coexisting alongside the State of Israel, represents the spirit and essence of the historic compromise embodied in the Oslo Declaration of Principles, the agreement signed 19 years ago between the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and the Government of Israel under the auspices of the United States of America on the White House Lawn, a compromise by which the Palestinian people accepted to establish their State on only 22% of the territory of historic Palestine for the sake of making peace.

6 – Despite our real feelings of anger, we, in the name of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people, reaffirm, without hesitation, that we as committed to peace and international legitimacy and its covenants and its resolutions as we are adherent to our inalienable national rights and aspirations, and we reaffirm that we are committed to non-violence and reject terrorism in all its forms, particularly State terrorism.
Despite our feelings of disappointment and loss of hope, we continue to sincerely extend our hands to the Israeli people to make peace. We realize that ultimately the two peoples must live and coexist, each in their respective State, in the Holy Land.


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This post has already been read 1998 times!

Ray Hanania

Ray Hanania

RAY HANANIA — Columnist

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